Monday, December 31, 2012

January 31st, 2012

This is a little boring after skyping last Tuesday.  But hey, it's still way better than having to send you letters in the mail!  

This week was really great.  I don't really have a whole lot of time right now, but we found a lot of new awesome people.  In fact, we put 5 baptismal dates! It was awesome.  

We went back with a family that we had visited with Elder A but we never really followed up on them.  We talked with the mom, whose name is T, and taught her the restoration.  It went well.  We challenged her to pray every day because they have been having a lot of economic problems lately and are really stressed out, and we went back the next day and she felt a lot better!  This time, we challenged her to be baptized, and she said that she likes listening to us and everything, but doesn't really want to change her religion.  Then we explained to her that everything we invite her to do is something that will help her have a better life.  For example, we told you to pray, you prayed, your day has been a lot better today than it was yesterday.  It'll be that way when you read the Book of Mormon, go to church, and get baptized.  And she actually got it!  It was really cool to feel the spirit working through us to know what to say and through her to change her heart.  I loved it.  The next day we went back and her husband (R) was there.  We had a super awesome member with us that helped them feel a little better about accepting a baptismal date, and they did!  They didn't go to church, so we'll work more on that this week.

R, Valentina's sister in law, went to church this week, accepted a baptismal date for the 19th of January, and told us she is going to separate from her boyfriend (R) so she can get baptized. Awesome!

We got a referral from one of the youth of his friend O.  Also super open and ready to get baptized!  He has a date for January 26th, and the coolest thing about that is that his friend who is a member will be 16 by that time and can baptize him!  He didn't go to church either, but we'll see what happens this week.

A less active member also gave us a referral and we visited her last night.  We taught the restoration and it all made sense to her and she told us that she has been looking for a spiritual guide in her life.  Perfect!  She's also getting baptized on January 26th, if all goes well.

Also, V was going to go check today if her old marriage is still valid.  If not, she can get married with J soon and he can get baptized!  So hopefully that all works out.

So yeah, this week was awesome.  I`m feeling really great and my companion's doing a lot better too.  We've had a lot of cool spiritual experiences and it has really helped him.  I need to go, but I love you all!  Happy New Year!  Make 2013 the best year of your life!  Have a great week!

Elder Pew