Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19, 2012

Hey.  It's Wednesday and I haven't written yet.  I'm guessing that Mom has already stalked around the mission blog enough to know that I'm training.  So yeah, that's why I haven't written yet.  I was in Guadalajara all day Monday to pick up my child and we didn't get home until 9:30 at night.  And yesterday we had district class in Ciudad Guzman and appointments to go to.  It's been a crazy start for the poor little guy.  I feel kind of bad because we don't have food, water, an iron, or shampoo, but not that bad because my first week was way crazier. 

Elder A got transferred to Colima as District Leader.  He's only called me about 7 times since he left.  I think he misses me or something.  But, I found out that he lives in the same house as Rockford (Breton's cousin)!  Which was cool to find out because I had heard nothing of him up until now.  I talked to him on the phone a little bit on Monday.  Sounds like he's doing great.  Also, his new companion is Elder C, who was with me in Auditorio!  So he's in good hands and I'm basically best friends with everyone that lives in that house.  

My new companion is Elder R.  He's from Trugillo, Peru.  He's 18 years old and has been a member since he was 9, even though his parents aren't members.  His aunt and uncle took him to church every week because he was the only member in his family, but he baptized his older brother a few months before leaving on the mission.  He is a little shy but he's obedient and has lots of questions.  President Wagner told us to answer all questions possible with "What does the mission manual/Preach My Gospel say?"  We'll see how long it takes for him to get sick of hearing that.  He's been a little homesick and he misses his friends from the MTC.  It's been kind of hard for him these last few days, so pray extra hard that he can feel better.  

I feel kind of weird training because I hardly know anything either, but it's cool.  Of all the 9 trainers this transfer, only 2 have more than 6 months of experience.  Most of them are from my generation.  President Wagner told us that we were chosen for obedience, not knowledge, and that the Lord wants the culture of obedience in this mission to improve.  We had an hour and a half long meeting with him before meeting our children and it was pure gold, as always.  He told us that we will learn more in these 12 weeks than in our first 12 weeks when we were trained.  I totally believe it.  

J got baptized last week.  Elder A baptized him, I confirmed him, and he got the priesthood Sunday also.  We aren't going to have any baptisms this week for reasons that I don't have time to explain, but we were having 20 lessons with a member every week with Elder A, and I don't expect that standard to change.  We have a lot of people with baptismal dates in the next few weeks, so hopefully that all goes well. 

We are allowed to talk via skype.  The call will come on Christmas day, I'll tell you what time this Monday.  If there is a time that you would prefer, let me know, because I'm pretty sure we'll have that day pretty open.  I don't have a lot of time today, but pray for us a lot, ok?  Mostly pray that Elder R can feel more comfortable and that I can know how to train him well.  I love you all so much!  Have a great week!  Talk to you Monday and Tuesday!

-Elder Pew