Monday, August 13, 2012

Update on Taran and some more photos

Elder Ringer

Elder Ringer and Elder Pew with ???  dorm life in the MTC

Elder Pew and Elder Ringer with ??? same guy above?
Ditto to the photo on the left
Elder Pew and his teachers?

Goodbye to Dylan, Elder Bay old BYU roommate
Goodbye to Austin, Elder Averett another BYU roommate

So Elder Pew called us this morning around 7:30ish.  We chatted about 15 minutes and that was it.  Their flight was delayed going to Dallas.  Originally they would have had a 2 hour lay over but it was only 30 minutes.  I am somewhat confident they made it or he would have called from Dallas telling us they missed that flight.  We sent him a phone card to call from a pay phone at the airport.  He was able to talk to Timo who had to go to work early today so he missed the call at home.  They had a nice chat.  We got these photos today from Emily's camera Taran borrowed until we bought him a new camera.  So there won't be much explanation unless I know who the people are!