Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27th, 2012

Hello!  Week 2.  Wow.  Already feels like a year.  I hope it doesn´t stay this slow too long.
So I haven´t read anything anyone sent me yet.  I´ll print them off and read them later and respond to them next week.  We don´t have hardly any time today because my companion forced me to teach him piano and it took up an extra hour and a half of our time.
We have investigators!  I will describe them.
B y G- Already have met with the missionaries before, both have super strong testimonies and two of their daughters are members.  They want to get baptized, but they´re not married and they are living together, so that´s what we´ve been trying to help them out with.  They´re not actually in love, the only thing stopping them from separating is that they have 2 little kids together and they feel like being separate would be damaging to their children.  So it´s going to take a lot of faith for them to figure this out.
L- We found her contacting or something, I don´t actually remember.  No, this is not a common name.  She´s about 40 years old, has 1 18 year old son and three daughters, ages 1, 2, and 3.  Crazy.  So we´ve taught her a few times, but she didn´t come to church on Sunday.  She doesn´t work and she depends on her 18 year old son for money, and I guess for some reason or another she can´t leave the house when he has work on Sundays.  I don´t really get how that works, but whatever.  I gave her the copy of the Book of Mormon that you sent me with our family picture in it. 
O- 15 year old kid who we found on the street.  His dad has been an alcoholic for 22 years, but really wants to change.  So far he hasn´t done anything about it, though.  His mom is basically atheist, but she´s not around a whole lot since she´s the one that works to support the family.  But yeah, his dad wants him to be the example for their family by listening to us.  Osmar´s a really cool kid, kind of quiet and shy, but whatever.  But he also didn´t come to church this week and we´re not really sure why yet.  I gave him Emily´s Book of Mormon she sent me and I really hope he reads it.
M- About 40 years old also, and also has talked with the missionaries before, but they dropped her because she never went to church.  But we came back and she decided to listen to us.  We challenged her to read the Book of Mormon because she hadn´t yet, but she still didn´t when we went back for our second appointment.  That day, we had Zone Conference and Pres. Wagner had told us that if we kneel down with investigators and they ask for an answer, they will get it right then if we have enough faith, because of the power that comes with our calling.  So we read 3 Nephi 11 with her and told her to kneel down right then and pray to know if it was true.  She did and about half way through the prayer she just started weeping.  The Spirit was so thick in that room.  Best experience of my mission so far.  She knows it was an answer from God and that she needs to get baptized, but she also didn´t go to church.  We´re going back with her in about 30 minutes.
L, F, A- Light, Flower, and Soul.  Cool names right?  They are members of the light of the world church, which is really similar to ours.  Luz is really involved over there, she has a calling and everything, but her daughters, Flor and Alma, still haven´t been baptized in that church, mostly because when women get baptized into their church, they have to wear a super-long skirt all the time.  So we´re hoping at least those two will come to know this is true, because their mom really isn´t that interested in changing her religion.  I gave them the Book of Mormon Steph sent to me.
There´s more people we´ve talked to, but these are the main ones.  We´ve really just struggled getting people to church, so we´re going to try harder with that this week, unfortunately, it´s stake conference this week, so they´ll have to go a lot farther.  But we´ll do the best we can anyways.
What else?  The food is really good.  We eat a lot of beef, rice, and really spicy things and limes.  Everything has lime on it.  It´s really great.  The weather goes kind of like this:
Morning-  Cool, foggy, awesome.
Afternoon- Sunny, too hot.
Night- rainy
The other night, we got caught in the biggest rainstorm I´ve ever seen in my life.  The streets were literally flooding.  At the time, we were with Hermano Ramos (awesome member) driving around in his little dune-buggy thing.  It´s an awesome little vehicle, but it doesn´t have a roof.  It was nuts.
We ran into a crazy old lady the other day who asked me if I´d counted all the bones in my body.  What?
So far I´ve played the piano in sacrament meeting both sundays and at the baptism of a little boy.  At the baptism I found out I was playing as they announced the hymn.  That was fun.  Especially since the piano didn´t have a music stand, so I basically just made it up on the spot anyways.  Also, I taught Sunday school yesterday.  They called at 10:30 the night before ( I was in my bed trying to sleep at the time) to let me know.  But it went pretty well.  I taught about sacrifice. 
What else?  Oh, at the store today we met the coolest guy ever.  He basically contacted us.  We´re walking out and we hear "Elders!"  His name is J, he´s from California and speaks English (and teaches it, actually), and he almost got baptized while he was there, but his wife wouldn´t let him because she is super Catholic.  But he´s divorced now and he´s moved back to Mexico with his parents and we´re going to teach him tomorrow.  And he gave us a ride home from the store.  So cool! 
Well, I´m about out of time.  Sorry, I will definitely make more time for this next week.  This is what I´ve been up to.  I wish I could write more details, but yeah.  Also, Mom, that Dear Elder just got to me, but I have no idea when it got to Mexico.  They kind of just deliver our mail whenever they can get around to it.  Thanks Granny for the letter!  I hope everyone had a good first week of school and that the second one is even better!  I love you all!
Elder Pew