Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 22, 2013

Well, we couldn't find any of our investigators this week, so we looked for new ones.  And we found some.  Here they are:

I, E, and F: A mom and her 14 and 9 year old kids.  We contacted them in the bakery that one of the members owns here.  Speaking of the bakery, we went over there today to help them make bread.  It was fun.  They are cool.  They're friends with another member and we've only taught them one time, but it went well.  

J and S:  J walked up and talked to us in the street one night and told us that he had gone to our church in Mexicali and liked it a lot.  He told us he wanted us to come over.  He's a Mason (like National Treasure Masons) but he's cool.  His wife has also listened to the missionaries before and is super excited every time we come over.  

K: J's 17 year old sister.  She usually ran and hid when we came over to teach him, but we tied her down one time and taught her this week.  She's super shy but super smart and says that she's not so sure if God exists.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and are pretty confident that she'll read it because she loves reading.  She came to church and liked it and all the youth were super great with her.  They even invited her to go to EFY with them this summer and she said she'll think about it.  I think she'll progress once she's sure that there is a God and that He loves her.  

Interesting experiences this week:

We were eating lunch with one family and Elder A dared their 6 year old kid to take a big bite out of a huge, spicy chili they had in their house.  He did it like it was nothing and then it was Elder A's turn to take a bite.  He did, and dared the little kid again, and he ate it again!  So Elder A had to take one more bite, and after that, he was super sick for the rest of the day.  He said it just felt like his stomach was on fire.  He was in the bathroom for about an hour afterward.  And the six year old kid?  Totally fine.

A member invited her friend from another church, the "Light of the World," to church this week.  He came for the last hour and since it was just me, my companion, and our Elder's quorum President in Priesthood, he decided to try and preach to us.  It started out as a heated battle but in the end we were all friends and he left with a Book of Mormon having promised to read it.  Sweet!

Elder A joined Elder J in the "I ate a cucaracha" club.  yum.

We're out of time.  I love you!  The church is true!  Thanks for everything!  

Elder Pew