Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013

Well, let's just start things off with a bang.  Thursday we had lunch with our branch president.  When we showed up, he smiled and told us he had good news (very sarcastically).  The person who was renting us the house of prayer (temporary chapel) decided to sell it and has given us one week to move out!  Awesome, right?!  This area...haha!  I thought it was pretty funny.  Just when everything seems to be going great--bam!  So we've been looking.

We still haven't found anything yet.

S came to church!  This was her biggest challenge since she owns a restaurant and works on Sundays, but she found someone to cover for her and was able to come!  And her less active friend who gave us the referral has started listening to us and she came this Sunday too!  Along with another less active family that has been kind of off and on since Elder R got here.  We visited them 3 times this week and they are reading in the Book of Mormon and praying as a family every day now.  It's amazing how much of a difference that makes.  

So we had a good last Sunday in the house of prayer/chapel.  It was also my first Sunday teaching the youth's Sunday School class, which was great.  I like that new program a lot!  Also the youth here are awesome--some of the strongest members we've got.  They're the hope of this branch for the future.  And Elder R taught Gospel Principles all by himself and as far as I know nobody has gone inactive because of it :)  He's doing great!  He's teaching a lot better and he's a LOT happier!  

We had branch counsel, AGAIN!  and they called a Young Women's president.  The oldest young women was in charge of everything the last few months so this will be great.  Still need a young men's president.  But that's ok.  It was a super spiritual meeting and we all felt like we're headed in the right direction with this branch.  I love S!

I think the only questions I got this week were from Gwen and Zane.  Sometimes it gets kind of cold in the mornings and nights, especially if it rains, but other than that it's pretty much 80 degrees and sunny always.  And I feel like Timo's going to Europe somewhere on his mission.  I'm going to go with Romania.  Elder R says he's staying in the US.  If that's the case, I don't think he'll go English speaking.  But yeah, there's my guess.  And Zane, I was rooting for the Ravens, yes!  

Congratulations Emily on getting that part in the play!  Prayer works :)  And congratulations Timo for finishing your mission papers.  As I said last week, everyone here is excited to hear where you are going and they all hope it's here!  But wherever it is, it's where God wants you and it'll be great.  

This is my third try with this email.  I've already killed two computers in this place trying to write it.  The curse has followed me here (he seems to feel he had bad luck with computers).  

Well, that's all for this week.  Thanks for your love and support!  ¡Hasta ver!

Elder Pew