Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13th, 2012 (and some photos)

So I have officially reached the one month point.  Santa Vaca.  1 more and I'll be in Mexico.  Time is just flying.

It seems our district cannot seem to stay the same for longer than a week.  This Sunday, Elder Woodward and Elder Plowman got called to be the new Zone Leaders, so now Elder Ringer is our district leader.  I'm guessing Elder Bonner's visa will get here next week and he'll head off to Peru to keep us from getting too comfortable.

Speaking of Sunday, the way sacrament meeting works here is that every missionary prepares a talk (in Spanish) on whatever the topic is for that week, and then President Tyler announces who the speakers will be during Sacrament meeting, right before they go up to talk.  Guess who got chosen this week?  Yep, me.  The topic was "recognizing the Holy Ghost."  I wrote it the week before, so I couldn't really remember exactly what I had written, but I think it went well.  So that was fun.

Taylor (BYU roommate) and Jeff (BYU co-worker who also went to his high school) both left this week, and Scott and Austin (BYU roommates) leave Monday.  Don't worry Mom, I got a picture with Taylor.  People who got here after me are already leaving.  I feel so old.

The lessons are going pretty well.  We found out last Friday night that Wilmer is a coffee drinker, so we've been trying to help him get over that.  It's going really well.  We gave him a pamphlet about the Word of Wisdom and helped him set some goals, and he's only relapsed once since then, and he felt really bad about it.  He's trying really hard, so I think he'll be fine.  He's been coming to church and he's getting baptized on the 21st--a week from tomorrow!  What a man.  Nicolas is still iffy.  He's reading the Book of Mormon--in fact, between last Tuesday's visit and our visit this Tuesday he'd read all the way from the beginning to 1 Nephi 13--and he knows its right, he just is a little worried about what his family and friends will think about him changing his religion.  So we're going to try and figure out how to help him with that. 

So poor Elder Ringer (companion) has been very sick this week.  It started last Friday and seemed like the same cold that I had a few weeks ago, but then it got worse and wouldn't go away.  And he said he had a lot of pain and congestion in his chest.  So I thought it was probably bronchitis.  Wednesday we went to the doctor and sure enough, it was bronchitis, and the doctor said it's a good thing we came in because it was about to become pneumonia.  We ended up having to walk down to the BYU Health Center in the outside world to get some medicine for him.  That was kind of weird.  It made me realize how important this calling is as a representative of Christ and how I need to act to do that.  Anyways, Elder Ringer is feeling a little better now.  Hopefully the medicine will keep working.

Thanks for the letters!  I hope mom and Emily are having/had fun at girls camp.  Sounds like you all had a good 4th of July at the BYU soccer game.  Micah-Keep it up with the lacrosse.  I wish I could see you play.  Also, I really enjoy your fancily-folded/rolled-up letters.  Izak-Awesome talk! Sounds like you did a good job!  And be glad you got that stinky merit badge done.  Booger-nose--I mean Zane--I'm glad you had a fun time at 7 peaks and the BYU soccer game, and that you're still a pompeeface (a family word his grandpa made up-yeah I know).  Gwen--sounds like you've been having fun with Granny this week.  How is it being the only girl?  Thanks for the drawing!  Timo-thanks for the update on the NBA.  Sounds like it's been a super-eventful offseason so far.  Keep me posted.  Also, what's the roster for the US Olympic basketball team? 

Give Matt Hammer and Alex Hansen my congratulations.  Good for them.  I did see pictures of the fire--Elder (Jordan) Turner's (BYU friend who went to his high school and family lives near fire in Alpine) parents sent him some pictures and he showed Elder Brimley and I.  Crazy.  Sounds like watching Da Vinci (niece's turtle) has been an adventure.  Crazy turtle.  Also, what exactly happened to Andrew (his buddy)?  He fell off his motorcycle?  Is he doing okay?  Let me know.  Tell him good luck on his talk this Sunday (his mission farewell)!  I'll be there in spirit! 

Well, everything's going well.  I'm already to the point where I feel like I want to do this forever and never come home.  It's just so great to be doing the work of the Lord!  He lives, Jesus is our Savior, and this church is true!  I love you all!  Have a good week.!
-Elder Pew

Quotes for the week:
"A fat kid in my neighborhood broke my pogo stick in 4th grade." -Elder Plowman
"For the second lesson, we're going to break the law of Chastity to him." -Elder Rice

My district doing Abbey Road
Red tie day at the temple Elder Pew, Elder Bonner and Elder Duncan

Elder Pew on his bed

Elder Brimley, Elder Pew & Elder Bay (BYU Roommates at the MTC)

Elder Bonner sitting on Elder Duncan (Elder Pew's first companions)