Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 29th, 2013

I don't have a whole lot of time today--I was writing Timo.  But it's been a good day and a good week.  We're still working with all the investigators I talked about last week, and the little kid, S, is getting baptized this week.  I had to fail a baptismal interview this week for some other missionaries in the district.  That was kind of hard.  But we all realized it was a good decision when he didn't show up to church on Sunday.  We're hoping he gets baptized this week.

We're planning the greatest activity of all time for next Saturday.  We planned it with the missionaries from our ward and from another ward, along with our ward mission leader.  Basically, we're telling all the members it's going to be a Hawaiian dinner.  When they show up we're going to stick them in a plane and tell them we are flying to Hawaii.  Then the plane is going to crash, and angel is going to come aboard and tell them they've all just died.  Then they'll go through the Spirit World, judgment, and the Kingdoms of Glory before we give them their food.  We've planned it out super well and if it all goes as planned, it's going to be an AMAZING experience for everyone.  And the members are all excited and set on bringing investigators.  SWEET!

Today we played volleyball in the park.  The problem was, there isn't a volleyball net in the park.  But there are trees, so we pulled down a couple vines from a big, weird, hairy looking tree and fastened them to two other trees to make a volleyball net.  I feel like all the six missionaries in my district and the other two sisters from the other ward that always hang out with us would have fit right in with my high school and college friends.  The Celestial Kingdom's gonna be a party.  

I don't have any time left, but know that I'm doing great, I love the mission, I love my life, and I love the gospel.  Have a great week!!!

Elder Pew