Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June 3rd, 2013

Hey everybody!  Well, I'm going to start by answering questions.  Yes, we meet in the chapel on the same property as the temple.  My new companion? Well, he's good.  He´s no Elder A, but he is obedient, he knows the area, he plans everything out well.  But the first few months of his mission were super crazy since he was an extra missionary in that mission for a while and I don't think he ever really was trained.  So I think I'm going to sneakily train him again.  But he'll be fine, I think.  His family writes him and everything, but if they stop I'll let you know.  Halfway mark package: still no.  And go ahead and write Elder A all you want.  And tell him I miss him and everyone in S.  

Well, this week was really tiring.  It's just been a weird situation in this ward, because there's not actually supposed to be 4 missionaries living in the same house, they banned that about a month ago.  So Elder M and Elder T had to find a house in their area and move out this week.  Also, the sisters from our ward are living with other sisters in a different ward, and we had to find them a house.  The problem is, they gave us a certain budget for it and all the houses in their area are way too expensive.  So we decided to look for a house in our area and let them live where we are right now, since it is right on the border with their area and we never really work with anyone around there.  So by Thursday we found a house for us to live in and Elder T and Elder M moved out Saturday.  But we still can't move in to our new house because there are still people living in it, so we'll have to wait like 2 weeks.  Also, since the sisters are opening an area, they get lost every so often and we had to go rescue them one night because they were about an hour away from their area and had no idea how to get home. At about 9:30 we finally found them--literally 4 blocks from where they are living right now.  How they got there is still a mystery.  But that's just the kind of thing we've been dealing with.  

Not to mention that this area was completely dead.  They had apparently misunderstood the instruction to focus more on the less actives and decided to completely stop all efforts to look for investigators.  There's a lot of work to do.  But this area has me drooling with all the potential it has.  It's a super big ward--we had 195 in sacrament meeting this sunday, 153 more than we had in Sayula last week.  It's also CRAWLING with recently returned missionaries, who make up the ward mission leader, his assistant, and the entire Elder's Quorum presidency.  And they are all SUPER cool and willing to come with us and help us in the lessons.  Not to mention there's an ex-mission president here also.  And all the other members are pretty awesome and helpful too, from what I've seen so far.  They are all super rich and have cars and drive us all over the place to lessons and to pick up investigators.  And there's a bunch of part member families to work with.  It really should not be any problem finding people to teach.  

This week we did have a couple lessons, 2 of which ended with investigators crying during the closing prayer.  Nobody came to church, but we're working on that.  We ended up teaching one lesson in English to a Canadian named W that lives in Puerto Vallarta who was here on vacation with his wife, who's cousin is a member of this ward.  Did I mention that all the members here speak English?  Well, they do.  Our assistant ward mission leader, J, came with us and helped me teach the lesson in English.  He is amazing!  It was a good lesson.  It's not exactly their time to receive the gospel yet, but we left a good impression.  And his wife said the closing prayer and ended in tears.  Pretty cool experience.  Also, a member from another ward here in Guadalajara brought his friend, who lives in our area, to church on Sunday.  Her name is M and she's already reading the Book of Mormon and wants to know more.  We have a lesson with her tomorrow.  Sweet!

Fun facts about the missionaries in the district:

Elder M and Elder D are both from Columbia, but both have completely different accents.  Elder M sounds like he's speaking Spanish in a British accent, and Elder D with a Southern accent.  Really weird.  And Elder M speaks English incredibly well.  

Elder T has 15 months in the mission.  Before E, he was in A. And he got transferred from there because somebody fell in love with him.  Sound familiar? 

The sisters in our district are Hermana L and Hermana B.  Hermana L is from the same generation as Elder A and Elder R, and is training Hermana B, who seems like she's about 15 years old.  These young sister missionaries really are weirding me out.  

Well, that`s about it for this week.  Thanks for everything and all your prayers.  Hopefully we can find some good investigators this week.  Pray for that!  See you later!  Enjoy summer break!  And congratulations Granny for the wedding!  Hope it goes well! Love you all!

Elder Pew