Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 6th, 2013

Not a lot to report here this week.  A lot of investigators went into hiding again.  One in particular.  We showed up at her house for the appointment, knocked on the door, and her kid answered telling us that his mom wasn't home.  We felt like that was a lie, so we told him to go ask her what time we could come over the next day, and he took off running.  Woops.  The two that Pres. A introduced us to were here for two lessons this week and then moved to M, so hopefully they find the church out there.  They were super, super golden!

We haven't seen K since last Sunday, J since Wednesday.  And nobody answers their phones.  

Highlight of the week:  Splits with the zone leaders.  Elder A was here in S with me, which was fun since he started his mission here and baptized about half the branch.  I learned a ton from him, plus he's just super awesome.  He's been my zone leader ever since I got here, so we're BFFs.  

Due to all the problems we've been having, we went to branch counsel yesterday and assigned people to take our investigators to church next Sunday, and everyone there was super willing to help.  Love them!!!  Also, a basketload of members signed up to come to the lessons with us this week, so that should be good.  The branch is really strong right now, and that's been our source of joy.  

5 de Mayo is not as big of a deal here as it is in the United States.  Weird, right?  Nobody celebrates it, but they still get school off.  But since it was Sunday, everyone had school off today, so we had a branch activity.  We went to the park to play basketball and soccer.  It was fun.  And hot.  I'll send a picture next week if I remember because this computer doesn't seem to want to read my memory card.

Speaking of holidays, Mother's day is this sunday, which means I'll be calling you maybe (and by that I mean definitely) on Sunday at like 7 Mexico time, so like 6 in Utah.  It'll be by skype again.  Is that ok?  If not, you have about 5 minutes to respond to this email.  Haha.

Thanks for all the attempts to write my companion.  His mom did write him this week, so that was good.  

Sorry this is a super lame email, but nothing really happened this week.  If you have questions, we'll talk Sunday.  
It was a rough week, but every time we have a week like that, the next week goes really well.  So I'm not worried.  

I love you all!  Portense bien!

Elder Pew