Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 5th, 2012

C's baptism

Awesome family they have been teaching.

Another great family they were teaching.

A member's dune buggy thing--I told him I wanted a photo of it!
The baptism of G.

*We got this late and then we had internet problems.

Guess where I am right now?  Not in Guadalajara.  I´m in Sayula.
Where is Sayula?  Why am I here?  I´m wondering the same things. 
Basically, we had an amazing week.  Last week, a woman named M came to church with us.  Her daughter just got baptized in another part of the city, and she came with her husband to our chapel to introduce her mom to the church.  Obviously, we went and visited her and it was awesome.  We met her other daughter, A, who told us she was confused about all the different churches in the world and wanted to know which was true.  What?!  Yeah, super great.  So they were super cool.  Also, we went with R, J, and M, met their other sister/daughter, also super awesome and already wants to get baptized!  We found E again, he's still awesome.  The N family is still super converted and C didn't drink any coffee.  Things were going great. 
Then Wednesday we visited G to do the reteaching with her.  
We had to do divisions on Friday and because we had Canciano's baptismal interview that day, Elder Sosa went with Elder Heath and I went with Elder Brighton, who has just as much time in the mission as me.  Kind of crazy, right?  But it was awesome!  He is incredible, and I learned that it doesn't matter how good I am, if we try our best and follow the Spirit, God makes up the difference.  We taught the plan of salvation to a guy named J and put a baptismal date for him!  It was great.  Elder Brighton is now not only district leader, but he is also training a new missionary.  He is going to be the prophet.
C passed his interview and got baptized Saturday morning.  It was great!  He's a great guy, and he was really happy.  They interviewed him right after the baptism for the priesthood, too.  He got it yesterday in church.
Yesterday was absolutely incredible.  We had 9 investigators in church!!!  Which ties the record for Elder Heath's entire mission.  J, R, and the new sister M came, along with the N family, A, and a new girl that a member brought named C.  We have been so blessed this week!  So grateful.  But not only did we have all these investigators there, it was also the most incredible testimony meeting I have ever been in in my entire life!  The feeling in there was just incredible.  There was an enormous line of people to bear there testimonies, youth, children, and adults, and it was all very, very spiritual and very powerful.  I can't even describe how amazing it was and the love that I felt for each one of those people in there.  It was really bittersweet, having to leave all these people but knowing that we left the area strong.  Elder Heath left at about 3:45 for the mission office, and I hung out with Elder Quilumba, our zone leader, who also was trained by elder Heath and who´s companion also went home this week. 
His new companion.
I found out last night that I would be transferred to Sayulah in the Ciudad Guzman zone.  Sayulah is a little town way up in the middle of the mountains about 2 hours south of Guadalajara.  It's really cool, it's not super rural or poor or anything, lots of nice little parks, skinny little streets, and surrounded by beautiful, green mountains.  Also, the weather is incredible.  It's one of the coldest areas of the whole mission.  There are about 60-70 active members here in the branch.  Oh by the way, I'm the second counselor in the branch presidency.  My companion Elder Armengol is the first counselor.  He's super excited and seems like a really hard worker. He has two transfers more than me in the mission and he is from Oaxaca.  He's been a member for 2 years now and he's 23.  There's a lot of work to do here, but we're going to have success. 
Well, that's my crazy week.  It's been really hard to leave Auditorio and start over where I don't know anyone or know what's going on, but I know I am here for a reason and if we work hard, we'll be blessed.  I'm going to need a lot of prayers this week, for me, for this area, and for the investigators that we left in Auditorio.  I love you all and I know this is the true church.  Be good so we can be an eternal family! 
Elder Pew
PS  thanks for the packages, I got the Halloween and Thanksgiving ones this week.