Friday, June 22, 2012

June 22, 2012

Hello everyone! I'm officially not a new guy anymore! So that means absolutely nothing, because I still have no clue what is going on around here. But whatever.
Thanks so much for the package of brownies and letters. My district enjoyed them mucho (the brownies, not the letters). They were very good.
I'm glad everyone had fun at the Family Festival. Sounds like they took it up a notch this year. Zane, thanks for the very informative drawings. I especially liked the one of the Lorax. Micah, everyone here was amazed at how good your handwriting is. Also, nice job in your lacrosse game! Izak, sounds like you had fun at Scout Camp--that's good. I'm glad you weren't one of those three hospital trips. And Gwen, what happened? Why didn't I get a letter from you? Slacker. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you wrote one that didn't make it into the box. Next week. Mom, Dad, Emily, and Timo, letters are on the way.
Also thanks for the pillow. I'm still not really sleeping that well, but I'm a lot more comfortable now while I'm lying there in bed not sleeping.
So things are going pretty well. I'm over the first weekend hump and time just seems to be flying. We had two devotionals this week. The one on Sunday was by Sheri Dew--so AWESOME! and then Tuesday night with one of the 70, can't remember his name right now. But yeah, our district is really coming together and bonding. We've had a lot of awesome discussions/testimony meetings this week, so that's been great. We taught our last lesson to Leonardo yesterday. I guess we're getting "transferred" or something. But we challenged him to baptism the lesson before, and he said although he is interested and he likes the way he feels when we come over and teach him, he doesn't feel the need to change his religion yet. But he wanted to keep learning. So yesterday we taught him more about the apostasy and restoration and why it was necessary to have the proper authority of God restored. Then we asked him if he would read the Libro de Mormon cover to cover and pray to know if it was true. He said yes. So then we challenged him to baptism again and he said that if he finds out these things are true and knows that this is what God wants for him, that he'd ask us if he could be baptized! It was way awesome and there was some hard core Espiritu Santo going on in there. So hopefully the "new missionaries" will get him to that point.
So mom, you asked about my district and branch president. Our branch president is President Tyler. I have now heard 3 different lessons from this guy, and when he talks it's like gold is just spewing from his mouth. He knows everything and he's an amazing teacher. He's also a walking set of scriptures--he knows literally every scripture there is! We all love him.
Our teacher is Hermano Lee. He served his mission in Columbia Bogota and he got back 2 years ago. He's superchevere. Also, he got engaged on Tuesday, so that was super exciting!
These are the Elders/sister in my district:
Elder Duncan: I told you a little about him last week. He's from Cedar City, going to Guadalajara also and that's where most of his extended family lives. He really likes to tell stories.   But he's super easy going and layed back and friendly.
Elder Bonner: He's from St. Louis, going to Lima Peru East. He likes St. Louis way too much and he's always talking, singing, or making noise, but he's really enthusiastic and works really hard.
Elder Ringer: Elder Ringer is from Las Vegas, and his twin brother, Blake, was actually in my BYU ward. He is going to Torreon, Mexico. He is one of the funniest people ever. He's so quiet and chill most of the time, but every once in a while he'll say something hilarious and it's great. He talks like the turtle from finding Nemo. Funny dude.
Elder Rassmussen: Elder Rassmussen is from Minnesota going to Hermosillo. He's really friendly and his Spanish is incredible.
Elder Plowman: Elder Plowman is from Dallas and he's going to Ogden, Spanish speaking. He plays tennis, has a girlfriend, gets about 4 letters every day and is super funny.He's a good guy.
Elder Woodward: Elder Woodward is from Kansas City, Missouri and is also going to Ogden. He's pretty quiet and big and a little stoic and scary looking, but he's cool and super nice. And amazing at basketball.
Elder Mathis: Elder Mathis is from Reno, Nevada and is going to Tijuana, Mexico. He's quiet, but nice and a really hard worker and secretly super awesome.
Elder Rice: Also known as Elder Arroz, he is from Tremonton Utah and is going to Culiacan, Mexico. He's quiet also. He has the kind of glasses that make his eyes look enormous, so that's awesome. But he's a really nice guy and not really awkward, just quiet. Also, he says some pretty funny stuff.
Hermana Rood: Hermana Rood doesn't have a companion. What? yeah, weird. But she's great. She is from Michigan, and she converted to the Church when she was 15. She's going to Tampa, Florida and even though we're immature, she loves us.
So here's the crazy thing. Elder Rassmussen actually ended up getting moved up to the advanced Spanish class, so that left Elder Ringer without a companion. So, they broke up our trio and put me with Elder Ringer! I am very pleased by this. Elder Ringer is hilarious! So yeah, that's the crazy story for now. I actually taught that last lesson with Leonardo with Elder Ringer about an hour after finding out I was his new companion. It was awesome.
Well, thanks for all the stuff this week. I would love it if you could send me 3-4 more pairs of regular socks, because they get pretty nasty after recess each day. Also, another t-shirt an pair of gym shorts would be nice. Maybe some day I'll have everything I need from home. Write me some more! I love you!
-Elder Taran Pew
P.S. Quotes of the week: "Why can't I just be a bush?" -Elder Ringer "Hey Elder Rice, do you want a quis (kiss)?" -Elder Mathis "Oh, I was just showing you my armpit." -Elder Rice